People Counting Marker
People Counting Marker

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing People Counting

Best way to understand your customers. Accurate number of people counting entering and existing the surveillance area.

People Counting Marker

Real-time people counting

Reliable and accurate people counting data improves decision making


Accelerate efficient and better use of space, people and energy

High ROI

Powerful insights allow you to spot and analyze long-term trends

Why Use People Counter?

People Counting Solution to help business owners and managers improve operational efficiency and increase profitability

Gain Accurate Counting Analysis

Optimize Operating Decisions

Improve Staff Management

Enhance Marketing Effectiveness

Increase Sales Revenue

People Counting Solutions

Help business owners and managers improve operational efficiency and increase profitability

High accuracy people counter (95%)

Eliminates all cases of over counting & excludes store staff count

Bidirectional & group footfall counting

Machine learning based AI algorithm with real-time camera vision processing

Superfast setup that is easy to install & maintain

Real-time reporting & detailed retail analytics


The application can be deployed on various location where you want to track the number of visitors.

Real Time People Counting

Conversion Rate

Staff Optimization

Group Counting

Peak Hours



Dig deep into your shoppers' behavior. Analyze foot traffic patterns, visualize conversion rate, calculate frequency of
returning visitors, and build a complete shopper profile.

People Counter Features


All data collection can be audited and reconciled to meet the desired accuracy levels of the client

Scalable Solution

Technology can be deployed across any number of locations using existing cameras or Appectual hardware

Relevant Surveillance

View 24 hours of activity in less than 5 minutes by viewing only relevant activity in areas of interest

Data Science and AI

View correlations between consumer behavior, sales activity, customer experience and demographics

Visitor Count

Accurate number of people entering and existing the surveillance area. Mall, Office or defined location

Age Analysis

Application will recognize the age and give detail analysis of visitors

People Counter Dashboards

Track business insights, sales and performance.
People Counter Solution

Location Management

Managing major digital product communication and web interfaces

Business Insights

A robust system to manage campaign leads. Integration with call center to get real time data and quick turn around time

Server and Security

Performance and security management. Monitor load and backup